The "Annotated" audio edition of the Hammond Memoir is a unique experience that expands the story of John Hammond. Created in 2013, it uses the complete audio from the game interwoven with a new character created just for this edition: Thomas Hammond (performed by Jack Anthony Ewins). The character's tracks explain more of the story, in his words and readings, based on the original script. During these tracks are original music by Derrick Davis, arranged and performed by Bernard Kyer. Mixing the genius original story with a dose of fan-creation, this is a very unique edition. It should be noted that this edition features the same John Hammond and bonus tracks, complete with sound effects, that the "Gold" Edition has.

    While Jack, Bernard, and I put much work and effort into this edition; time can sometimes reveal the flaws of an end-product. I am very proud of what we created, and many people seemed to enjoy the results. However, the more I listened to it, the less "authentic" it felt. While the information the Thomas character tells the listener does enhance the story, it seemed to interrupt the listening experience and flow of having John tell his. It didn't matter how good the writing, editing, music, or performance was: it didn't have that feel of an authentic Trespasser or Jurassic Park experience the rest of the program had. I hope people have a chance to listen to this edition, and decide if they think the additions fit or not. I personally don't stand by this as the "definitive" one I would listen to.

     The preferred way to discover the complete story that none of the audio editions, even this one, are able to tell, check out the "Excavated" book download.

Below, you can download the entire program in high-quality MP3 audio. The set comes with a complete "Credits" document in PDF format, and is packaged in ZIP format.

MP3 Download


An o
riginal soundtrack was made to accompany this edition's fan-created character Thomas Hammod. All the themes, save for a reference to a John Williams theme, were all created by me, with most of them arranged and performed by Bernard Kyer. The themes for that version were actually meant to be associated with a novel I am currently writing: Invertiverse. I thought it would be fun to have a version of those themes to be used for that edition of "Jurassic Time". However, those music tracks are no longer available to download on their own due to various uses and performances now associated with my novel. So please enjoy them as they are in the program, and eventually you can hear them in a whole new way for my novel if you are interested.